A Note from Time

I hope you smile when you think of me,

That’s what I do whenever I think of you!

How splendid will it be – To have the feeling reciprocated?

Such a simple thought: but complicated are the world’s ways

Even for me, who has seen a few evers and many nevers.


And, as far as we go:

I have been good and bad; testing and painful,

Troubling and rewarding; mean and messy,

Everything I could have been to help and teach.

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On the Wake of the Dawn

Today morning this quote came out of somewhere deep within and beyond. All you’s mean a deep self talking to the self that is currently witnessing this reality in the world.

When you stop running towards your goal, you walk towards it with a different experience and the journey happens on its own. What you seek starts walking towards you.

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An Emotion

When I am stressed, disoriented, sad, overwhelmed – I write. Writing is my response to all emotional stimulus. Especially, when I am flooded with happiness, my first impulse is that I have to write, because I can maintain my composure and relax. However, it is at the time of happiness, that I am completely incapacitated. I can’t possibly do anything except drinking a glass of water. And sometimes, I can’t even do that. Continue reading “An Emotion”


There is one thing that I am coming to know for certain.

Whatever you believe in, it works. If you believe in negativity, it works. If you believe in positivity, it works. The more you believe in something, it gets intensified. The more it starts working for you. Continue reading “Belief”

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